Artificial Bamboo Palm in Plastic Pot 180cm

Artificial Bamboo Palm in Plastic Pot 180cm

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Artificial plants are back in style in a big way!

With modern life making most people time poor these days, faux Plants are a no maintenance solution to freshening up the look of your living spaces without the hassle and mess that comes with looking after real plants. The very realistic look of these plants adds a peaceful ambience to a hectic lifestyle whether it’s a small selection of Cacti in the kitchen or a large Palm adding a tropical feel to your living room.

The technology used to create these realistic plants will definitely have you thinking you’re living the tropical dream every day.


  • Length: 180cm (including pot)

  • Plant: Bamboo Palm

  • High quality, realistic faux plants with a focus on attention to natural detail

  • Very low maintenance - just requires a dust off now and then!

  • Packaging: 1 x plant

  • Price includes freight

All displayed ceramic pots, moss, decorative pebbles and any other added in feature are not included.

In some listings we have included BEFORE and AFTER photo's so you can see how they look when you receive them, as to how you can make them look. They will not arrive as pictured, you will need to spend time "fluffing" them out.