Octopus Ride-On Kids Inflatable Pool Toy

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Beat the heat, splash in the water and play under the sun! Summer is for everyone so let your kids have a blast on our inflatable pool toys.

This outdoor pool toy is made of high-quality PVC material that is soft and thick for long-term durability and functionality. With its lovely colours and playful style, your kids will definitely have fun floating and playing with your family and friends!


  • Design: Octopus Ride-On

  • Material: PVC

  • Size: 80x152x39cm

  • Repair patch included

  • Handles to hold on with

  • Holds 4 children

  • Perfect for use in the pool, beach, lake and more!

  • Designed for kids

  • Fully compliant with our strict Australian Standards, giving you only the best quality

  • Suitable for kids up to 2 yrs old or with a maximum weight of 15kg

  • Remember: The wearer is to be under constant, competent supervision.

  • Includes Safety Warnings where Required.